The best possible microblading service and experience for her clients.

To assist her ability to deliver exceptional microblading results, Doctor Brows only works with respected brands and products. 


Doctor Brows uses customized premium Phibrows pigment for all procedures.

Philbrows colours have been designed to last longer and not change colour or blur. They also have the lowest level of iron possible while not affecting absorption of iron into the skin. Unlike other ink, Phibrows won’t affect medical procedures like scans or x-rays.


We use a very specific number of pigments from this leading industry purveyor (C, M, B).

Unlike other who use regular and sometime tattoo ink out there, Doctor Brows made sure to research the perfect colours and uses
Dermimatch pigment that is not an ink that is guaranteed not to blur, migrate or change colour even under different lighting.

Each DermiMatch pigment is a unique blend perfected by DermiMatch Hair Clinic back in 2006. A combination of a fibrous structural protein called keratin and specific organic pigments gives the natural look of actual hair stubble from distance as well as up-close.

For this reason, DermiMatch pigment is preferred by most transplant doctors that also perform scalp micropigmentation (SMP) like Doctor Brows does for her clients. These colours are also the only tested colour under lighting on the market, it make sure your colour looks great under any kind of neon lights or other lighting.

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